Christmas present making

Today I was called a craft machine! 
I took it as a compliment.

This year I wanted to make some gifts for the little people in my life.  I made a little template from the lid of an ice cream tub, sorted through my fabric stash and came up with these.

Then I wrapped them up like this:

I cut the paper a fair bit bigger than the bunting shape, then I machine sewed the v shape in red cotton, slipped in the bunting and continued sewing across the top.  I then stamped names in red ink to go along with the Christmas theme.

This  year I am trying to make handmade gifts as stand alone gifts or to add to something else I buy. 

It's funny because if I had bought these gifts from a shop they would be a stand alone gift, but seeing as I made them, somehow I feel that they are not quite 'enough'.  Hmmm....  Any opinions on this subject?

Hope you are having a fab day whatever you are doing

Jo :)


Jennifer :: The Blissful Brush said...

They're fantastic. I think they are more than enough as they will be appreciated so much more as they were made by you with love.

If I had made them Jo, they certainly would be stand alone gifts and I am quite generous with gifts for the little ones in my life (as I don't have any litle ones of my own).

So that's my opinion for what it's worth. Hope you're having a great week! x

Jo said...

Hey Jenn
thanks for that! I am really pleased with how they've turned out. I've decided that some will be stand alone and some with be in addition to another small gift.
Jo :)

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