Brown Owling and four seasons in one day....

Tonight I will be going along to craft with the Brown Owls for the first time.  Brown Owls was originally a group set up by Pip from Meet me at Mikes and it has grown and spread to far flung destinations.  There are Brown Owl groups around the world, you can read more about it by following the link on the side bar here.

I will be taking along this blanket that I started a couple of weeks ago.

I bought the wool on sale for 50c a ball about 2 years ago and I thought I'd crack it open to give a ripple blanket a go.  It's lovely real wool yarn and I'm wishing I had bought more of it all those months ago.  At the time I had it in my mind to make a poncho and I did indeed start making said poncho, but alas I am not really a poncho wearing kind of a gal, so it got unravelled.  I have been trying to get away from the brown / beige palette in the house, so I thought this one might be a nice to keep in the landrover.  It gets pretty cold in there in the winter. 

I used this pattern that Lucy posted on her beautifully colourful blog Attic 24 and did my own thing with the ends as I had started with a few too many stitches.  It's fun to do once you get past the first couple of lines and get the pattern established.  I would recommend concentrating pretty hard for these first 2 lines!

Weather report:  Today has been hot and muggy.  I don't think it reached 30 degrees but it was 25 inside the house at 4pm.  There has been a hot wind blowing all day and there has been cloudy sunshine.  Then just as I began typing this, dark clouds have appeared and have presented us with thunder and lightening!   Well as Crowded House said 'four seasons in one day'; that's Victoria for you.  And there was I thinking I was moving to Australia to get away from the cold and the rain (not that it has been cold today, but wow does it get cold here in the winter with no double glazing).

This message just came through from the insurance company. 
Excuse the blurriness of the picture, but I just had to put this on.  It made me laugh... what do they expect people to do to stay safe I wonder?  I have heard of hail storms where cars have had their roofs dented quite badly, so I guess it's no joke really, but if it hails it hails.  I'd love to know what an appropriate precaution looks like! 

Hope to be back to report on my brown owling adventure if I have not been attacked by a giant hail stone.
Over and out
Jo :)

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