bonfire night nostalgia

Warning.... no suitable photos to add to the post... have looked high and low.

I LOVE bonfire night.  To me it's right up there with Christmas day.   It's that wonderful! 

As a child I remember the lead up to the 5th November, with the neighbourhood kids making guys and propping them up outside the newsagents "penny for the guy(ing)".  I remember the excitement of the prospect of going to one of the local bonfire and fair; desperately hoping that the fog wouldn't be too bad so that we could go, donning  warm coats, woolies and boots, the smoky smells in the air, the noises of the rides and the crowds.  The colours of the rides, the stalls, the mud under foot, the hook a duck where you could win a fish, the flashing lights and music on the stalls, the bumper cars, candyfloss in bags and on sticks, standing by the fire with the fence round it and feeling the heat on your face, then feeling the cold when you walk away, the excited screams of people on rides, and all leading up to the grand finale; the firework display.  The boom boom inside your heart as the colours explode, the fizz and the crackle as they explode and fall, the oooh's and aaaah's from the crowd at the display, the magical way that looking up makes you feel like you're the only one there, watching the fireworks alone. 

As an adult it was always non negotiable that I would be doing something to celebrate the event, a party at home with fireworks and beer, with fire in a bin and hot curry on the stove, a gathering of friends and family with baked potatoes and hot dogs with onions, sparklers to spell your name and a bucket to put spent sparklers in, watching the neighbouring firework displays and smelling the smoke in the air.

So tonight I will feel homesick for all of this, for here bonfire night doesn't exist ...  tragedy!  In previous years we have tried to create our own celebration; to light the chimnea, have sparklers and eat baked potatoes,  but it's just not the same.  In fact it actually makes me miss it more! There's no smell of fireworks in the air as it's illegal to sell them here, so I only get to see them on New Years and other special big events.   This year I can only dream and reminisce and live vicariously through others. 

So if you  happen to read this and you do take pics of your event, please send me a link as I would love to see it.

Happy Happy Bonfire Night, smell the fireworks for me wont' you?

Jo X


Nikki - A Mother in France said...

Hi Jo, there's no bonfire night in France either and I miss it too. We usually have a little British get together, have a bonfire and we can at least let off fireworks here, but it's just not the same.

I can relate to your not being able to find a suitable photo - I sometimes spend longer looking for the right photo than I do writing a post and I'm never happy with them!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Thank you for following me, so I could follow you back! Bonfire Night is such a fun evening (and new to me) - I can see why you miss it XOL

Robyn said...

Sadly-we had no fireowrks this year in Nairobi due to security threats and being 'at war' with the Al Shabaab..! I missed them too!

Tabiboo said...

If it's any substitute - we didn't have the whole bonfire night thing either. We were the only place (it seemed) in the whole of UK where it drizzled continously all day and all night and they were called off - a case of health and safety gone mad.

We did do sparklers in the back garden though and I made bonfire toffee.

take care and thank you for your message earlier,

Nina x

Jo said...

Thanks for your comments peeps!

Nicki I'm glad you're able to have fireworks there in France, even though it's not quite the same :/

Happy Homemaker UK, it makes me very happy that you like bonfire night. It's funny how traditions are tied to countries isn't it?

Robyn, OMG war! I can see that letting off fireworks might not be the best idea in that case! How disappointing have no fireworks on your birthday.

Nina so sorry that you got all of the UK's drizzle on such a special night :( Your bonfire toffee sounds rather lovely though. Glad that you could celebrate despite the weather.

Jo :)

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