Show & Tell... an upcycled storage basket

                                                                 Today I made this

                                                   From a couple of empty ones of these

Plus a piece of calico and a strip of scrap fabric. 

I have been having a tidy up of my craft stuff and needed something to put my wool in so I thought these cotton rice bags I'd kept over the last couple of months would be just the thing to make a storage basket out of.  For this one I used three sides of the bags for the sides and the fourth side made the base.  I can't wait to make more!  I might do a tutorial of the next one.  I didn't measure or follow a pattern for this little baby, I just figured it out as I went along. 

I think we'll be having a lot of rice for dinner over the next few weeks!

Here today it has been sunny and warm, about 25ish I think.  The sky is blue and we're going for a drive for fish & chips for dinner tonight (side order of rice anyone?)  Yummo! 
Hope your Friday is a good one

Jo ;)


Nina's Apartment said...

Cool project! Fed up eating rice yet? ;-)

One Crafty Mumma said...

Oh, lovely - I love how you've upcycled the bag Jo.

Jo said...

Thanks for commenting!
I am still eating rice, but am pacing myself! Patience is a virtue I hear.

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