A new garden bench

Check out our new garden bench; made by le husband; a very talented fella, if I do say so myself!  I'll lose him to his man shed for a few hours or even a few days at a time where he makes allsorts of things.  A couple of weekend ago he went in there and when he came out he brought me this!  It wasn't quite as miraculous as that though, I might add, as I have a very important role in these activities as the 'holder' so I do get to see the progress along the way

We had some salvaged wood that my brother had given us when he moved house and it had sat unused or even unlooked at for a year and a half.  Then one evening I mentioned to the hubby that I'd seen a great rustic bench in a garden centre and that I wondered if he could make a bench for us.   So after a bit of drawing and research he came up with this idea and got to work sanding all the wood and repairing it where necessary.

We're not too sure what wood it is but it is very hard and heavy.  One piece of redgum was in the garage when we moved into our house and the others were off a flat bed truck.  There were also a couple of oak 4x4 pieces that were perfect for the legs.  All we needed to buy was a couple of bolts and some linseed oil and the rest of the stuff we had already.

It's so rustic and lovely.
The perfect spot for a bit of reading me thinks


P.S. I've been so busy crafting and cuddling the new baby that I forgot all about blogging! 
I've been making so much and have forgotten to take photos as I've gone along.  oops. 
I suppose I'm not quite in the habit of blogging yet but I shall attempt to improve.
And by the way, today it's raining in my neck of the woods.


Nina's Apartment said...

Very nice bench! Must get my husband to make me one too - he has been mentioning it in the past, so might show him this blog...

Jo said...

I told the hub he had a compliment on the bench, you made his day! x

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