A dog gone walk

Yesterday I got the urge to drive to the beach and give the boy wonder a run out and to take me away from the sewing machine before I went cross eyes.  He loves the beach and I love to see him enjoying himself so it's a really glorious way to spend an hour of my life.  We go to a great beach and 9 times out of 10 we have the whole beach to ourselves.  It's a bit of paradise.

The boy wonder is my dog...

I needed to air my wings and this was the perfect way to do so.  It was pretty overcast but not cold and it was so quiet where we were; the odd passing car and the noise of the occasional bird call and other than the wind in my ears the only other noise was the water tricking and the pounding of the hooves of my dog who sounds so much like a horse when he runs.

Mouth wide open and smiling... dog gone ugly but dog gone cute no?

Something that gave me quite a shock... I did think I'd made a discovery; a dead body; a dead headless body no less!!
Seriously I did really think this was a dead body.  I almost pooped my pants when I saw it.  I thought  this headless figure had been decapitated by a shark. 
Maybe it was a candid camera moment, where I let out a little squawk and quietly explored the figure with my foot while thoughts ran through my mind of having to call it it at the police station before the tide came in!  Drama over as thankfully it was only a wetsuit full if sand - bizarre I know.  Where on earth did it come from and how did it get there?   

can you see what I mean about it looking like a decapitated body?

And almost at the end of the visit I found one of my little gems.... a heartstone <3  Only this one has got a hole in its heart.

It's sunny here today and I am dreaming of the summer.  Hope you're enjoying your day whatever it holds x


Jennifer :: The Blissful Brush said...

Hi Jo ... thanks for visiting my blog. Isn't that book a hoot - makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it. Now, I checked out Boxers and they are like my pooch - short haired and their fur is only good for 'sprinkling" - so we need to find a dog hair knitter to donate our sprinkles to. Any ideas on where they may hang out??

Your big boxer is divine. My friend has a Boxer called Gus, they are just such fun dogs.
Jenn x
PS: I can see your dead body. Horrid. I always think I'm going to come across one when i'm out walking Finn in the bush. I think it's all those detective shows I used to watch -thankfully - I never have. Have a great weekend Jo!

Jo said...

I wonder who had the thought to make the book? Maybe they hold a list of dog hair knitters (all 2 of them) in Australia. I have heard of another use for dog hair (or sprinkles) - adding it to the compost. Now there's a thought... hmmm...sprinkles + compost = $
Mack is my dog's name; cute isn't he. Such a good natured dog with a fun personality. Spoilt rotton but loved lots, and why not?
thanks for commenting Jenn!
Jo :)

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