A House fit for a Chook

For the last couple of months I've waxed and waned on the idea of getting a couple of chickens (or chooks as I've become accustomed to calling them).  I think seeing Alys Fowler on TV last year 'in love with her chickens' sort of started me thinking about keeping them myself, before then I was totally oblivious to the concept for some reason. I guess I'd just never really considered it... assuming that having a chook pen in the back yard was something other people did, and country people at that, not city gals. 

In the last couple of months I've been going to an 'edible gardening' group for fun, rather than for a qualification (and it really is heaps of fun!) I met some very interesting characters at the group, many of whom are chook owners.  So week after week, I'd go along and ask one or two questions about chooks and talk about my reservations for becoming a chicken owner and week by week my fears were allayed and my keenness grew.  So now I am at the stage where I feel ready to take the plunge.  It's weird being so cautious about getting chooks but it feels like a big responsibility, and I want to be ready.  You know what I'm saying?  

Anyway, I'm now at the stage where I am looking at what kind of house I want to make for them.  I thought I'd have a look for some inspiration and boy did I find some!  Check out these beauties...

Although this first one isn't hugely practical for my suburban back yard I love the fact that it's on stilts and that it's round. I do think it may look more like a cubby house though....


This one looks like a huge bird house - how COOL is it?  I do really like this one.  I like the fact that it looks like it's made out of recycled wood and that it's off the floor (I think I am definitely erring towards having a raised chook house with space to walk around underneath - for the chooks not me!) Oh and that little porthole window is so cute... although I'm not all together sure of what it'd be used for...


Does this one look a bit like a caravan or is it just me?  It would be like having some chickens staying with us on their holidays. I love the steps and the splash of colour.  The caption gives a link to the website I found this on and the guy gives a costing of shop bought eggs versus setting up your own coop.


Now.... How cool is this chook house?  It's multi purpose and involves another of my passions... edible gardening.  What a great concept.

I like the rustic qualities of this one.  It reminds me of the cottage in Hansel and Gretel.  The fact that it's made out of recycled materials makes it even more adorable.  


Now I do have to say that I think this is my favourite.  I saw this one in the flesh / wood (my flesh, it's wood) a while back when I visited Ceres and I have been trying to remember what it exactly looked like ever since.  I like the simplicity of this one, I like the fact that it's rustic and I also love the cute little steps.  I would need to look at putting some wire around the bottom for a run, but otherwise I think this one is perfick.


Hmmmm.....  Now the decision is made I"ll get to work on sourcing the wood, drawing up a plan and getting cracking so that hopefully we can have our chickens move in soon.....

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