Flower plates & boys

I'm going for a change of plates.  You know when you get a bit bored with your normal set and want a whole new set? Well that's kind of where I've been for a while, so instead of going out and buying a brand new set I have been scouring op shops galore in an attempt to gather a new-to-me set.  I have some boundaries; they have to be 70s ish styley onwards and they have to be less than $2 each, oh and I have to love them. 

Next mission - to gather some tea plates - more difficult than one may think it would seem!

Meanwhile I've busy busy, visiting a sick niece in hospital, having an excitable nephew staying over, being stretched in the art of entertaining said nephew with my limited 'boy' skills, being educated in the cartoon world of Spongebob and generally asking him far too many questions "are you too cold" "do you want a drink" "do you need a tissue" etc etc etc....

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