Cushion Love

 I have been living in a brown and beige world in my home.  I think it's probably because I've been a bit scared of choosing a colour as I like so many different colour schemes.  It seemed a bit of a challenge to commit to one colour scheme.  I also think that my sofa is a bit difficult to work around colour wise.  It's a sort of mustard'y', brown'y' honey'ish' colour and it's given itself well to the brown / beige scheme.  So I thought with winter on its way out of the door, I might add a few cushions to my lounge to brighten it up a bit.  And I think they have worked.  This one is my favourite.

I made it out of a new tea towel I bought at an op shop.  It was only a couple of dollars and I put some gorgeous spotted fabric on the back to match the blue colour.  I love hibiscuses and I love this cushion.

This 'Wales' cushion was made from a tea towel too.  They are quite hard to get hold of new and this one was about $7.  Quite a bit for a second hand tea towel but I liked it and had this project in my mind.  The blue also matches very well with the blue in the hibiscus cushion, so that's a bonus.

I also made a couple of more plain cushions to add a bit of colour and contrast.  In the end I chose blue, mustard and red colours as my theme.  I saw this bus cushion online (sorry I can't exactly remember where)and thought it was great so I decided to make one for myself. 

I used the free hand embroidery foot on my sewing machine and after drawing a vague pattern on the fabric I went over it several times with white thread.  I like the way it turned out.  Cushions are such a cheap way of brightening up a room aren't they?  I like non-matching cushions too.  I'm keeping my eye out for a couple more tea towels to use to make more cushions; I'd like a Cornwall one and maybe an Australian coastal one to add to my collection. 

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