A busy time in the garden....

Gardening to me is a way to de-stress; I can lose myself in tasks for hours, it's a bit like a moving meditation I suppose.  On the days that I am in the garden for hours very little else gets done, the dust in the house can settle, the washing up can wait.  When I'm in the garden time just passes.  Tea time comes around and after a warm shower, the day's work can be measured and I sleep well.  Plants and flowers interest me, I like seeing how they grow; I am always amazed when I plant a little seed which sprouts into a seedling that will go on to become a plant that will bear fruit or flowers.  One of the benefits of moving to Australia was that I get to experiment with growing new things; I always dreamed of having my own lemon tree and now I do!  Gardening to me is having faith in the future; faith that my work will produce beauty.

My funny looking lemons.

September brought Spring with it here in the southern hemisphere.  Spring brings fresh hope that the cold of winter will soon give way to the sunny rays of summer, that my feet will be warm enough just in flip flops and that the nights will be light enough to take the dog to the beach to run off his energy after work.  Spring offers excitement for the food that I can grow.  I've been sowing loads of seeds; runner beans, peas, pumpkin, cucumber, zucchini, okra, melon, tomatoes, parsley, coriander, chillies, poppies and sunflowers.  I've planted squash, leeks, lettuce, strawberry and rocket seedlings and I treated myself to a bare-rooted fig tree and a blackcurrant bush.  I also got a raspberry bush from a food swap that I exchanged for some worm juice. 

The Tumbling Toms are on the go

 I planted up a lettuce seedling in a newspaper pot.  I've been using crushed egg shells around my seedling to protect them from slugs.  It seems to be working so far....

The Lebanese cucumbers have germinated

I'm always amazed at the plants that are in flower.  Even though it's just turned Spring the daffodils were out a good month or so ago.  The plum tree has already blossomed and has fresh new leaves.  The arum lilies and echium are in full bloom.  I love to pull out the lilies and pop them in a vase in the house.  I saw a bunch today for $10, so I like that they grow in  my garden with no effort at all.

I moved and divided the rhubarb and wasn't sure it'd survive but it seems to be doing well

Whatever you're upto in your garden, I hope it's making you happy

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