Beach treasures

I love these... I call them heart stones.

Nice aren't they?  When I go to the beach I'm always on the look out for a new piece of treasure to add to my little collection.  Many days I find none, some days I find a couple.  Sad I know, but when I find one I get a little rush of excitement.  It's a bit like going into an op shop and finding just what you're after... you know that feeling don't you?  Well that's how I feel when I find a heart stone.  I like the fact that they are something I can't buy in a shop or online, they are little gifts from nature, made over hundreds of years and this makes them special...

Last week I went to the beach to blow the cobwebs out.  I went alone with no agenda, just for a walk and to listen to the ocean.  It was a lovely day; a bit of cloud, a gentle breeze, the waves breaking gently onto the shore.  As I walked I kept my eyes peeled for a heart stone or two, but not a single one was to be found.  I did find a few other treasures to do something with though.  It started off with me picking up a couple of pieces of wood with the thought of them being the cross pieces for a hanging mobile.  Then I found more and more pieces and ended up with enough wood to make this..

I found the shell too on the same walk and assembled it together yesterday with some fishing line.  I used the smallest drill bit to make holes and arranged them in size order.  I did initially arrange them in a random way but thought it would be more aesthetically pleasing to have them small to big.  I'm happy with the result of what took me no more than twenty minutes to make and a lovely walk on the beach to collect.

Happy Days

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